Monday, March 27, 2006

Dirty Bomb Slipped Across the Border

Undercover investigators bought radioactive ingredients needed to make a dirty bomb and drove them into the USA past border security agents, a government report said Monday.

The report by the Government Accountability Office, the watchdog arm of Congress, said that investigators put radioactive material in the trunks of cars and drove to Canadian and Mexican border checkpoints on Dec. 14, 2005. When Homeland Security radiation detectors went off, the investigators gave Customs and Border Protection agents fake government licenses and receipts.

Agents searched the cars, reviewed the documents and ultimately gave the undercover officers the OK to bring the material into the USA, according to the report, filed as part of a border-security probe. Full story.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This frame taken from secure government video obtained by The Associated Press shows then-Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Michael Brown, center, at the Homeland Secuirty EOC (emergency operations center) in Washington, Aug. 28, 2005, taking part in a government video briefing the day before Hurricane Katrina struck on Aug. 29. [AP Photo]

Tape: Bush, Chertoff Warned Before Katrina

In dramatic and sometimes agonizing terms, federal disaster officials warned President Bush and his homeland security chief before Hurricane Katrina struck that the storm could breach levees, put lives at risk in New Orleans' Superdome and overwhelm rescuers, according to confidential video footage.

Bush didn't ask a single question during the final briefing before Katrina struck on Aug. 29, but he assured soon-to-be-battered state officials: "We are fully prepared."

The footage - along with seven days of transcripts of briefings obtained by The Associated Press - show in excruciating detail that while federal officials anticipated the tragedy that unfolded in New Orleans and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast, they were fatally slow to realize they had not mustered enough resources to deal with the unprecedented disaster.

Linked by secure video, Bush expressed a confidence on Aug. 28 that starkly contrasted with the dire warnings his disaster chief and numerous federal, state and local officials provided during the four days before the storm. Full story.

  • Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    Bush Unaware of Ports Deal Before Approval

    President Bush was unaware of the pending sale of shipping operations at six major U.S. seaports to a state-owned business in the United Arab Emirates until the deal already had been approved by his administration, the White House said Wednesday. Full story.
    Doctors Euthanized Patients
    as Katrina Destroyed New Orleans

    Just after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans rumors circulated that at least one hospital had euthanized patients during the mayhem. reported in September 2005, that an unnamed doctor admitted to a UK newspaper that such activities had taken place at Memorial Medical Center ( ). In October another doctor at the hospital confirmed in a CNN interview that he suspected such activities and admitted he left the hospital saying he would rather abandon patients than actively kill them. (see coverage: ) Later in October hospital workers were subpoenaed for an investigation ( ). Full story.

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006


    Cheney Cited for Breaking Hunting Law

    Vice President Dick Cheney has been given a warning citation for breaking Texas hunting law by failing to buy a $7 stamp allowing him to shoot upland game birds.

    The warning came from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department after it investigated Cheney's accidental shooting of a fellow quail hunter Saturday on the private Armstrong Ranch in the south part of the state.

    The department found the accident was caused by a "hunter's judgment factor" when Cheney sprayed another hunter while aiming at flying birds. Full story. More details.

    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    "Shhhh! We're hunting Wepubwican Wawyers."

    Vice President Dick Cheney speaks to reporters at the bedside of the man he "accidentally" shot this weekend while on a hunting trip in Texas (full story).

    Why Isn't A VP Shooting

    A Story Of Some Significance?

    Leave it to Greg Mitchell over at Editor and Publisher tonight to ask how can it not be a big story when the Vice President shoots someone, even accidentally? And yet, if it hadn’t been for the ranch owner calling her friend at the local paper this morning and letting him know about it, this story wouldn’t have even come out today because the White House was willing to let it go unreported until the local paper went with it. The local sheriff was willing to let the Secret Service sweep this under the rug, like a Jenna and not-Jenna chugging contest.

    What were they afraid of? The embarrassment of Cheney looking stupid, reckless, or perhaps being drunk as a skunk? The fact that his idea of hunting is like his idea of liberating countries? Revealing who else was on that hunting party? Or is something else at play here? And why did Bush sit on this, despite being told on Saturday after it happened? Full story.

    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Odd, How the Details Are Announced
    as Bush Is Busy Defending Domestic Spying
    Hmmmm... Could It Be Politics?

    President Bush gave details Thursday of a 2002 al-Qaida hijack plot to strike the tallest building in L.A. that he says was thwarted by U.S. and allies anti-terror efforts.

    Revealing newly declassified details, the president told a National Guard audience that the plot was hatched by Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks captured in Pakistan in 2003.

    According to Bush, Mohammed recruited volunteers from Southeast Asia to hijack a plane using a shoe bomb. The target was the US Bank Tower, then known as Library Tower.

    Bush said the plot was broken up after a raid by a Southeast Asian country he didn't name.

    The raid is one of many reasons al-Qaida is badly "weakened" and "fractured," Bush said.

    Bush has referred to the plot before, but he provided more specifics details Thursday. Full Story.

    The Threat to Library Tower
    Has Been Well-Known

    Here's a link from of Oct. 7, 2005 to the Los Angeles Times of March 31, 2004: Click here.

    Friday, February 03, 2006


    I Don't Care What Your Opinion Is, As Long as It Is the Same as Mine

    The same day Capitol police made the "mistake" of arresting Cindy Sheehan and booted the wife of a GOP representative for wearing anti- and pro- war T-Shirts to the State of the Union address, all six members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff -- 24 stars worth of the nation's top military commanders -- wrote to the Washington Post decrying the publication of "A Reprehensible Cartoon" by Tom Toles, a Pulitzer winner widely regarded as the best editorial cartoonist in the biz.

    Apparently we're on a slippery slope with our Bill of Rights these days. First, the president claims his constitutional authority overrides the 4th Amendment's guarantees against unwarranted searches, now, our nation's top military generals and Capitol police feel warranted in squelching free expression.

    This reminds me of something . . . What was it? Oh yeah, the nutball Islamists who are going all "Satanic Verses" on the Danish cartoonist and European newspapers who dared to publish these illustrations of Mohammed with devil horns and a bomb for a head. Full story.